Sites that pay you to do Assignments for other people

Remember when you were young and completely hated the fact that you had to do assignments and homework, well now because of the internet, you can get paid to do someone’s homework in the comfort of your own home. There are lots of sites that provide cheap homework service to students. This does indeed sound like a great way to make some money on the side, apart from your day job that is. If you have got the brains for it, why not give it a go. Here is a list of websites that offer to pay you for doing another person’s homework:

Thinking is an online tutoring service that is completely comprised of teachers, who are certified; even college professors can be found here. People who are experts in their field like PhDs, Ivy League credentials, graduate students, etc. you can find all kinds of professional people on there. It is surely free to join but the catch it that you will have to be a current resident of the United States Of America or Canada to complete the process. You also have to be eligible to work in either of these countries. Another catch is that you will have to be a student in or a graduate from an accredited Canadian or US university.


PaperCoach gives some custom paper writing services to people who are in high school or in their undergraduate course. Anyone who needs help with their coursework, whether they are doing a PhD or in their master’s degree, all sorts of people can avail these services.


Hashlearn is a tutoring app which was developed in India, and it connects many tutors to students studying grade 8-12, NEET, JEE and also CET. These exams are incredibly important for a child’s academic future, and this app helps the children a lot. As a tutor on the app, you will be able to alleviate a student’s queries on subjects like Math, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, English, History, Geography, etc. To become a tutor on this app, you will have to be a resident in India. Once you have registered with them, you will get assigned the students, and you will also be paid per session.

Eduboard allows a student to ask some experts for some tutoring in more than 30-35 different subjects. This can include all the basic subjects that are taught in school. Payments to the people who work for the app are given once a month. The people who tutor even get a commission per session. To become a tutor on Eduboard, you will have to be a senior in college, or you will have to be a graduate from an accredited university in the USA or Canada.…