In order to become a good programming developer they are many things one needs to consider from being good at the data structure, algorithms, designing using OOPS and other programming concepts which require skills and one needs to understand that not everything can be taught inside a classroom. Some tips to help you achieve some of the most basic computer skills are:


Coding is extremely difficult but is also the most important part of a programmers career. Coding requires you to make mistakes but also to you need to learn to improve them as well, which is important.

Reading books

Books are the tools which come to your rescue; books offer wide knowledge about people as well the means they approached to help create the code. Books give you ways to learn to start on your journey as a programmer.

Contributing to open-source, signing up mailing lists

There are many ways you can learn to improve your programming skills, one simple way to do that is by signing up for the mailing list which can teach you a lot of technical terms and develop programming habits which can help you in the long run.


Practice makes perfect, and this is the most critical when it comes to becoming a good programmer as becoming a good programmer requires you to have a good date structure, algorithms and basics which gives an advantage over the other.

Reading code

This is one of the best ways to become a good code reader as reading code is tough and requires you to have a good grasp on certain information while understanding the way they work. This helps find patterns, and you can try to make sense and get alerted when you make a mistake.

Talking to another programmer

Talking to a fellow programmer and discussing programming can help you find better solutions and this is one of the best ways to involve yourself as talking and listening means you find errors as well as means to solve those errors.

Do a code review

Code reviewing is another thing which can help you become a solid performer which helps you in the process of becoming a good coder. Code review helps the author review and improve his codes, which can be a learning lesson to help not make mistakes.

Signup for online helping websites

Online helping websites is one best way which can help you get things done on time. This can act like a learning curve where someone else can do the code for you when need help with c++ programming assignment, and later you can review it yourself to understand what these experts do differently to make it work effortlessly.…