The Curriculum is characterised with a global vision and self-expression with a spirit of openness. The Institute functions in collaboration with reputed Colleges and Universities abroad in cutting edge technologies. CIT is enjoying the constant guidance of a dynamic Management whose escalating statures styled with finesse and driven by aspiration inspires students and the faculty to reach the acme of their abilities. The quality manpower with ambition as fuel, fosters excellence in all activities. Reputed Academicians and Technical Experts are invited from various countries to the Institute for interaction and exchange of expertise. The Institute offers pioneering programs with innovations ruling every sphere that keeps success as a rising target. CIT endeavours great leaps than small steps to counter technological and scientific advancement in the global arena. A warm and welcoming environment with high quality living conditions is the most significant aspect of life in CIT.

With the increasing competitiveness and expectations in the educational sphere, CIT specialises in high quality teachingwith emphasis on fundamentals and innovative concepts.  The Institute offers liberty for the faculty and students to think and implement their ideas with a focus on the time lines maintaining competent and high academic standards.  The faculty and students possess an immense range of adaptable skills to the ever changing technology. Group Dynamics is the strengthening factor unique to the Institution. The process of learning in CIT is based on a global outlook to prepare the students to work in the global economy making them ready to encounter challenges from new frontiers.

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